“Preserve Your Cleats...

Cleats wear out quickly when they

come into contact with pavement.

Kool Kovers—available for

Shimano, Look, and Speedplay—

help them last longer.”

                        -October 2012



Very handy

February 13, 2013   5 stars

“These cleat covers are great if you do a bit of riding where you need to hop off your bike every once in awhile. You can keep them on until you approach your bike and then just throw them in the back of your jersey. Very handy and can end up saving you from buying new cleats as often.”

Worth every penny!” 

January 25, 2013  5 stars

“I am new to cycling, so I walked in my cycling shoes without realizing the damage I was causing my cleats. $25 later for new cleats, I noticed these covers and ordered them. They fit great, are easy to install and remove, protect the cleats as advertised and give you much more stability while walking. Wish I would have known about these sooner.”

Cleat savers

December 2, 2012   5 stars

“Cleats are way too expensive to risk walking on, and these are the ideal thing for preserving your cleats. They come with a curtain rod hanger that makes it easy to clip them onto a bike bag or somewhere convenient. They'll save you the cost of the covers in the extended life you'll get on your cleats.”

Does exactly what it's supposed to do

September 7, 2012   5 stars

“It's always satisfying to purchase something that actually provides all the benefits that the manufacturer claims. Outside of the obvious reduction of wear and tear on your cleats, these make walking so much easier. In all reality, walking in cleats isn't the most attractive option--you'll still get wide-eyed stares from people wondering why you have that weird wobble to your gait. Sometimes having a pair of shoes along for the ride is overkill, and that's where these beauties shine.”

Slip Them On & Walk Around

August 7, 2010   5 stars

“These covers are light weight and fit easily into your tool bag or pockets. They slip on over the cleats easily, which allows you to walk around in your bicycle shoes, saving wear & tear on your cleats.”

Garden of the Gods

Colorado Springs, CO


"Finally ordered and received your cleat covers after fighting with [a competitor’s] covers for years.  [Their] covers get very hard in cold weather and are almost impossible to attach to cleats.  They are all but useless in the Winter when I do a lot of riding.  Your covers will save me a lot of $ in replacement cleats.  Also, the storage clip is a neat idea!”  “PS- Doesn't look like a good day to ride at 27 degrees and snow flurries in Doylestown, PA - but if I did I know your covers would work !!!"

A.B., Doylestown, PA

“They fit great. And they fit nicely in a jersey pocket with plenty of room to spare”

P.W., Baton Rouge, LA

"What can I say, other than they're great. They fit perfectly. They stay on very well. The part I like is they're easy on, easy off, because I'm usually on my bike when doing both."

S.D., Rochester, NY

"I've got a customer that just can't sleep at night without them... He drove three hours from Northern Florida to my store to pick them up."

Theresa, Bike Shop Owner, FL

"I heard a funny story the other day about a guy who got a flat tire several miles from home and had no pump. He walked all the way home, ruined his cleats and said, wish I had my Kool Kovers in my jersey pocket.”

S.D., Mansfield, MA

"Please consider this a hearty yes vote (to make a cleat cover for Shimano SH-51). I’m sure considering the quality of your current product line, you would make a superior product.”

N.W., New York, NY

"Having tried various coffee shop cleat covers, I’m very happy to have tried and found Kool Kovers—their slimmer profile, more rubbery texture, and handy attachment hook makes them my clear favorite.

M.W., Tokyo, Japan


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